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Wix Getting Started Videos Below is a list of all the 14 getting started videos to use Wix. Please note that there are 56 wix videos on YouTube. I have linked to the first 14. The MINIMUM you should watch are the first 7. Please do this before you start building your site as it will save you time.

Wix Visit to sign-up and get started after you have watched the videos.

Wix Help Online Help for Wix


GETTING STARTED VIDEOS (links with the time length of the video)

Chapter One: Welcome to the Wix Editor :57

Chapter Two: Choosing a Template 2:57

Chapter Three: The Basics 1:50

Chapter Four: The Pages Menu 3:22

Chapter Five: The Top Menu 3:45

Chapters Six: The Background Menu 2:20

Chapter Seven: Images, Videos, Text & Lists 8:50

Chapter Eight: Setting Up Your Blog 1:20

Chapter Nine: WixStores 1:30

Chapter Ten: The App Market 2:31

Chapter Eleven: Premium Features 3:53

Chapter Twelve: The Mobile Editor 1:39

Chapter Thirteen: Where to Get Support 1:18

Chapter Fourteen: Hotels, Music and Restaurants 3:25


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