Dr. Pastore's Summer School Graduate Courses in Technology

Summer 2005

Important:  These are all "hands-on" courses that are practical for classroom applications!  All courses are graduate courses that can count towards Master's, Doctorate, and ACT 48 Credits.  These are NOT "Continuing Education" courses.  Please see you advisor for permission to apply these courses towards a degree program.

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Summer Sessions 2005



Educational Computing and Technology


Principles of Teaching


Creating Digital Video for the Classroom with Microsoft MovieMaker
Microsoft MovieMaker is a "free" download that enables users to create and edit digital video movies.  Participants will learn the entire process of shooting, creating, and editing digital video movies for classroom applications.  Note: 


Using Microsoft Producer to Create Multimedia Presentations for the Classroom
Microsoft Producer is a "free" download that enables PowerPoint users to automatically run a PowerPoint presentation and incorporate multimedia.  Participants will create a video, create a PowerPoint presentation, download sound files, and incorporate them into a multimedia presentation using Producer. 


WebQuests and Web Page Construction for the Classroom 
WebQuests are meaningful web-based activities designed to challenge the learner's problem-solving and higher order thinking skills.  WebQuests have become popular with teachers because they help them integrate the Internet into the curriculum through a 6-step model that has been field tested and proved successful through a wide range of grade levels and subjects.  An effective WebQuest should be on a web site with the appropriate "live links" that are an integral part of WebQuests.  Consequently, participants will create a WebQuest for the classroom while learning web page construction with Frontpage.  Final WebQuests will be put on a web site for use by future students.


 "Internet for Teachers" Online
Note: This course is 100% online.   Visit this links below for more information.

Questions & Answers about "Internet for Teachers" Online