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Ideas for Implementing Graphics and Digital Pictures in the Classroom!


1.  Using the digital camera, create a slide show of students introducing themselves at the beginning of the year.  Take a still picture of each student and have them give their name, age and one thing that they enjoy doing and/or looking forward to during the school year. Students can help to choose graphics, animations and sounds for the introduction of their pictures.  Show the slide show at your class's Open House or Meet the Teacher Night. 


2.  Create a school newspaper using the digital camera.  Pair students to look for "newsworthy" events in the school and to photograph them.  Students can then write an article to accompany their photograph.  The newspaper can either be printed in hard copy or loaded onto CD's or the Web in a Power Point presentation. 


3.  Have students search for relevant graphics using a list of student friendly graphic sites.  Graphics should pertain to a particular area of study (i.e. rainforest).  As they find the graphics, they can save them to disk and use the pictures and/or animations as story starters or research tools for Writing Workshop. 


4.   Using digital cameras and the scanner, have students create an computer-based portfolio of their best work.  Take pictures of projects, scan reports and have students use graphics to personalize their portfolio.  Save each portfolio to floppy or CD and share with parents at conference time. 


5.  After a creative writing lesson, have students type their final copies into a  Power Point program.  Challenge them to create cover and title pages using the digital camera, web graphics and interesting text.  Save these "illustrated" stories and send home with students at the end of the year.