Principles of Teaching
Bloomsburg University
Dr. Pastore

Chapters from The First Days of School


   1.    Why You Need to Succeed on the First Days of School

   2.     What Is an Effective Teacher?

   3.     How You Can Be a Happy First-Year Teacher

   4.   How You Can Be an Effective Veteran Teacher

   5.     Why You Should Use Proven Research-Based Practices

   6.     Why Positive Expectations Are Important

   7.     How to Help All Students Succeed

   8.     How to Dress for Success

   9.     How to Invite Students to Learn

 10.     How to Increase Positive Student Behavior

 11.     How to Have a Well-Managed Classroom

 12.     How to Have Your Classroom Ready

 13.     How to Introduce Yourself to Your Class

 14.     How to Arrange and Assign Seating


15.     How to Post Your Assignments


16.     When and How to Take Roll


17.     How to Maintain an Effective Grade Record Book


18.     How to Have an Effective Discipline Plan Part 1:  Rules


19.     How to Have an Effective Discipline Plan Part 2:  Consequences and Rewards


20.     How to Have Students Follow Classroom Procedures


21.     How to Increase Student Learning and Achievement


22.     How to Get Your Students to Do Their Assignments


23.     How to Get Your Students to Pass Their Tests


24.     How to Get Your Students to Work Cooperatively


25.     How to Achieve Happiness and Success as a Teacher


26.     How You Can Become a Professional Educator




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