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Webclass One: General information on Teaching, Pennsylvania State Standards, National Educational Technology Standards, and WebQuests

Note: Open up a new file.  Please type your name and web class number at the top of your page.  The questions and numbers should be typed followed by your response!!! You will not get credit for your response if the question is not typed.  This assignment should be word processed and saved as "Web Class One."

Section 1: General information on the Teaching Profession

The general objective of this section is to give you an overview of the teaching profession.

A. Visit the following site:
Occupational Outlook Handbook


B. Click on the "OOH/Search A-Z Index"  in the upper right corner of this page and search for "teacher."


C. Visit number 3 of the search results titled "Teachers―Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle, and Secondary."


D. Read this article and answer the following questions:

1. How do states vary in their requirements for teacher licensure?

2. What is the "National Board for Professional Teaching Standards"?

3. What is "The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education"?

4. What are professional development schools?

5. Describe the job outlook for teachers.

6. What is the median salary and range for teachers according to the latest data on this site?

Section 2: The Pennsylvania State Standards

Visit the following site and answer questions 7 and 8

Pennsylvania State Standards Web Site|5467|&pde_internetNav=|

7. List the disciplines in which the standards have been approved (final).

8. List the disciplines in which the standards are "in process."

9. Open up one of the discipline areas (PDF or Word).  What are the grade levels?

Section 3: National Educational Technology Standards  


After visiting the following site and page 2 of this site, answer questions a to c:

Introduction to National Educational Technology Standards

10. What is the purpose of this web site?

11. What organization sponsors this site?

Next, visit:

National Educational Technology Standards for STUDENT Teachers
These are technology standards that you should have for student teaching.

12. What are your thoughts about these standards?


Section 4: WebQuests

You will be creating a "WebQuest" as part of your unit. Read the following article:

What are WebQuests?

Answer these questions"

13. What are WebQuests?

14. Traditionally, many teachers using the Internet in their classrooms have had students search for information using objectives at the lower end (knowledge) of Bloom's taxonomy. How are WebQuests different from this practice?

15. What are the 6 essential components of a WebQuest? As you answer this question, visit the links in the section titled "The Design Process" and think of ideas that my help you with the webquest for your unit.

16. Next, you should explore one of the "Example" WebQuests on the site below and give your opinion of the WebQuest that you visited (4 to 5 sentences). Be sure to also give the name and address of the WebQuest! (3 points)

In order to get to these examples, you must go to the link below and click on "top" in the left column.  You will then see a matrix of many WebQuests in different subject and grade areas.  Visit the one that interests you and is in your area of certification.

The WebQuest Page


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