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Unit Requirements
75 total points

You unit will be evaluated using the guidelines given on this web site.

The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize you with the "unit."  You will construct an OUTLINE of a unit, not a COMPLETE unit as you will do in student teaching.

Your unit will be on your web site.  Although you can put all of the information on one or more web pages, you are required to follow the unit format on his page.

Page 1 - Title of the unit (1 point)
Page 1 - Your name (1 point)
Page 1 - Graphic (1 point)

Page 2- Table of contents with page numbers (2 points)

Note: For page 3, please list the title of each area followed by your response

Page 3 - The overall "theme" of the unit (1 point)
Page 3 - Grade level
(1 point)
Page 3 - General subject area
(1 point)
Page 3 - Specific subject area
(1 point)
Page 3 - The overall goal of the unit (1 point)

Page 3 - The number of days in which the unit will be implemented (1 point)

Page 3 - The number of lesson plans in the unit (3 required) (1 point)

Page 3 -
The list of topics that would have been taught prior to these plans
(1 point)
Page 3 - List of general objectives: (MINIMUM OF 3 - these are overall objectives, not the specific objectives that will be included on your lesson plans) (3 points)

Page 4 - Assessment Techniques: (MAKE A LIST - MINIMUM OF 5) What types of assessment will be given to evaluate the learning?  You must include at least one type of assessment other than traditional objective tests.  For each assessment, include a short description of how and when that assessment will be used.  You do NOT have to include a copy of the assessment instrument.  (5 points)

Page 5 - Instructional Strategies: (MAKE A LIST - MINIMUM OF 5) What are all of the various teaching strategies that will be implemented throughout the unit? You should list at least five strategies with a one-sentence description of each strategy. (5 points)

Page 6 - Adaptation Strategies for all Learners: (MAKE A LIST - MINIMUM OF 5) What modifications will be made to accommodate all types of learners? You should list at least five modification techniques with a one-sentence description of each techniques.  (5 points)

Page 7 - Remediation Plan: (4-SENTENCE PARAGRAPH MINIMUM) How will remediation be provided to students who do not meet the standards set by the specific lesson objectives? (5 points)

Page 8 - Culminating Activity: (4-SENTENCE PARAGRAPH MINIMUM) What will the culminating activity be to provide summary and closure on the unit? (5 points)

Page 9 - Subject, name, and number for each Pennsylvania State Standards met by this unit for example - History, Historical Analysis and Skills Development, 8.1)  (4 points) 
Visit the following link to the Pennsylvania State Standards:|5467|&pde_internetNav=|

Page 10 - Materials and Resources: (MAKE A LIST - MINIMUM OF 5) This includes ANY AND ALL materials & resources USED DIRECTLY IN THE CLASSROOM by you and by the students.  For example, you should include such items as paper, pencils, markers, books, periodicals, software programs, audio-visual equipment, manipulatives, general supplies, computers, and other technologies.  You must have a minimum of 5 materials & resources.   Please note that books and periodicals THAT ARE USED FOR REFERENCES but not needed in the classroom are not listed in this section but in the bibliography (5 points).  All web sites, whether used by the teacher or students, should be listed in the bibliography.

Pages 11, 12, & 13 - Lesson Plans (15 points)  The class format with ABCD objectives is required.

Page 14 - Bibliography of books, periodicals, and web sites in APA format.  You must use at least least 5 books/periodicals and 5 web sites. (10 points)  PLEASE NOTE THAT A TOTAL OF 10 REFERENCES IN APA FORMAT IS REQUIRED!


For information on citing book, periodicals, and other publications resources in APA format, visit the following site:

University of Illinois Bibliography Styles Handbook


For information on citing book, periodicals, and other publications that are from the web and electronic resources (APA format), visit the following site:

APA Style for Electronic Resources


Use the following APA format for an Internet citation of a general web web site:

Education World.  Retrieved June 6, 2005 from


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