Principles of Teaching
Bloomsburg University
Summer 2001

Technology Facts & Fallacies

Technology Myths
Technology is computers!
Technology is the answer! (What is the question?)
Technology motivates students!
More technology means more learning!
Technology is hard to learn!


Use technology when technology can...
Give feedback!
Provide easy access to information.
Provide access to information which is difficult or impossible to obtain from other sources.
Provide interaction with the learner.
Enable communication.
Support individualized learning (multiple learning levels).
Provide self-instruction.
Provide self-paced learning.
Provide unique representation of learning (multimedia).
Provide "real-life" experiences and simulations.
Foster creative thinking.
Foster Problem Solving.
Reinforce learning.
Encourage Collaboration (if this is a goal).

Don't use technology when...
You aren't sure why your using it.
The costs far outweigh the benefits (expensive technology).
You can find easier ways to deliver your goals.
The technology frustrates the learners.
The technology takes too much time to the point where you have to sacrifice learning.


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