Principles of Teaching
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Please note: This  was reproduced from the Bloomsburg University Student Teaching Manual to give you an idea of the final evaluation form for each student teaching placement.


Bloomsburg University  School of  Education

Final Evaluation Form


The University Supervisor or the Cooperating Teacher named below completed this FINAL EVALUATION FORM for the student teacher.  The narrative assessment and the rating are a measure of student teaching competencies and are not  intended to be a measure in comparison to experienced classroom teachers.


Student Teacher ________________________________  Date___________________Fall/Spring  1st/2nd  Placement

                                 Last,       First,        Middle

Major _________________________________________   Subject(s)___________________   


Name of School ________________________________   Grade Level(s)________________


Performance Evaluation Scale:  5=Superior; 4=Good, Above Average; 3=Acceptable, Average;

                               2=Weakness, Need to Improve; 1=Unsatisfactory


Domain 1: Planning & Preparation

_____   A. Demonstrates Knowledge of Content             

_____   B. Selects Appropriate Goals                                        

_____   C. Plans and Organizes Lessons                                     

_____   D. Uses Imagination & Creativity                                               

 _____  E. Evaluates Methods and Materials                                         

_____   F. Applies Principles of Learning                               

_____   G. Assesses Student Learning                          


Domain 2: Classroom Environment          

_____   A. Creates Positive Environment                     

_____   B. Respects Students                                  

_____   C. Maintains Class Control                              

_____   D. Encourages Student Response                         

_____   E. Understands & Uses Nonverbal Cues          

_____   F. Implements Effective Management Strategies                                                               


Domain 3: Instruction 

   _____ A. Communicates Clearly & Accurately  

          _____ 1. Oral Language     

          _____ 2. Written Language     

          _____ 3. Models Appropriate Handwriting; Writes legibly 

          _____ 4. Spells Correctly

 _____ B. Presents Ideas Effectively      

 _____ C. Implements Lessons

_____ D. Uses Questioning & Discussions

_____ E. Uses Multimedia & Resources

 _____ F. Demonstrates Flexibility

_____ G. Uses Voice Effectively


Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities

 _____ A. Reflects on Teaching 

_____ B. Shows Commitment to Teaching

  _____C. Is Dependable & Prompt

_____ D. Shows Professionalism

        _____ 1. Initiative

        _____ 2. Enthusiasm

        _____ 3. Poise & Self-control

        _____ 4. Dress & Grooming

        _____ 5. Relationships with Colleagues

_____ E. Maintains Accurate Records

_____ F. Contributes Beyond the Classroom

_____ G. Accepts and Acts on Feedback

_____ H. Attends School & Required Seminars

        _____ 1. Days Tardy

        _____ 2. Days Absent         





Name:                                                                          Position: ________________________________________

School:  _________________________________    Phone: __________________ (Home) _________________


(White Copy:  Supervisor; Yellow Copy:  Career Placement; Pink Copy:  Student Teacher; Goldenrod Copy:  Cooperating Teacher)

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Raymond S. Pastore, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Education
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