Principles of Teaching
Bloomsburg University
Dr. Pastore

History of Educational Reform


The 1980's...

First Wave
1983 - A Nations at Risk: The "rising tide of mediocrity"

Second Wave

The 1990's...

2000 to present...

Bush: "No Child Left Behind"

By 2005 - 2006...

  • All students in grades 3 to 8 will be tested in reading and math
  • Tests must be aligned with standards
  • Schools must demonstrate "adequate yearly progress"
  • All students must reach the "proficient" level on state assessments by 2014
  • All schools must have highly qualified teachers by 2005-2006
  • Funding did not accompany these mandates
  • States differ in defining "proficient"
  • More support for charter schools
  • Less support for vouchers
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