Principles of Teaching
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Dr. Pastore

Your mission is to prepare a one-page handout with 10 or more statements that summarizes the major points of the model or approach to classroom management (10 points). Put the names of all group members on your paper.


Models of Classroom Management

  1. Assertive Discipline Approach
    Lee Canter & Marlene Canter

    Canter - Assertive Discipline

    Teacher Discipline Models


  2. Logical Consequences or Acceptance Approach (Social Discipline)
    Rudolf Dreikurs


    Teacher Discipline Models


  3. Reality Therapy or Success Approach
    William Glasser

    Reality Therapy


  4. Group Managerial Approach/Desist Strategies
    Jacob Kounin/Carl Wallen

    Jacob Kounin,_Jacob



  5. Behavior Modification Approach
    B. F. Skinner

    Behavior Modification

  6. Teacher Effectiveness Training
    Thomas Gordon

    Teacher Discipline Models



  7. Moral Reasoning
    Lawrence Kohlberg

    Moral Reasoning


  8. Hierarchy of Needs
    Abraham H. Maslow

    Maslow's Herarchy

    A Study of Classroom Management


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