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Microteaching One
The directions on this page will only apply to your first microteaching assignment.

Since this course is about teaching and learning, the purpose of this assignment is to give you reflective teaching experience.  Your mission is to deliver a 10-minute lesson to your group on the assigned chapters from the Wong book.  You can use any materials or techniques to make your lesson meaningful and interesting to your group.  This is not an oral presentation.  Do not lecture or "tell" your peers what is in the chapter.  Plan an interactive activity that engages the students.  Keep in mind that you will be giving a concept map to each student in your group.  Also, remember that your lesson will be timed and limited to 10-minutes.  I will be happy to discuss or "brainstorm" any of your ideas!


  In summary, you should will include the following items in your final portfolio:

These items must be all stapled together in the order given. Please note that you must follow this exact format to receive full credit.

If you miss class on this day, you will be given the opportunity to do the microteaching only if you have a documented emergency!


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