Principles of Teaching
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Dr. Pastore

Lesson Plan Format



Subject: State the subject area such as English, Social Studies, Math, or Science.


Lesson Number: State which lesson number this is in the overall unit (if applicable).

Lesson Topic: State the specific topic such as "Complete and Incomplete Metamorphosis"

Objective(s): State in behavioral terms in ABCD format (The student will be able to...).

Standards: State the source (such a Pennsylvania State Standards), the standard subject area (such as History), and the standard number (such as 8.1).


Introduction: Describe how you will introduce the lesson. See for more information.

Procedures: Keep these descriptions short and in a list format. GIVE ESTIMATED TIMES FOR EACH ACTIVITY!

Closure: Describe how you will summarize the lesson. Be sure to provide information on future lessons.

Formal Evaluation: This is the "ongoing" evaluation of students' learning (evaluation conducted during the delivery of the lesson).  How do you know that learning is taking place?

Summative Evaluation: This is the final evaluation of students' learning.  It could be a test, project, or activity that measures the completion of the objective(s).


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