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Pages Built Specifically for this Course
Course Links Found in the Modules and Other Areas

Online Tools for Teachers
Lesson Plan and Unit Resources
Free Home Pages for Teachers

Differentiated Instruction Links

Web Pages Constructed Specifically for this Course

Reasons for Teaching

Fact or Fantasy

Student Teaching Manual: Minimum Requirements

Student Teaching Manual: Unit Requirements

Student Teaching Manual: Final Evaluation Form

Beliefs About Teaching

Teacher Effectiveness

Teaching Effectiveness as Outlined by Various Textbooks

Change in Education

History of Reform in Education

Rules for Teachers: 1872 and 1915

Issues in Education

Traditional vs. New Learning Environments

Parts of a Lesson Activity

ABCD Format for Specific Learning Objectives


Parts of a Lesson

Lesson Plan Format

Unit Format

Concept Maps

Learning Styles

How to Write an Autobiography

Technology Fact & Fallacies

Summary of Concepts on Classroom Management

National Educational Technology Standards

Models of Classroom Management

Chapters in the Wong Book

What is Technology?

Student PowerPoint Presentations
Cooperative Learning by Kurt Whitmoyer, Tracey Falen, and Matt Balacoumbs
Classroom Management by Lisa Wilson and Jenn Vest

Web Portfolio Information

Differentiated Instruction

Dale's Cone of Experience

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Free Download for FTP and How to Use FTP

POT Student Ideas for Assessment, Strategies, Adaptation, and Remediation

Time on Task Figure

Elementary Case Study

Secondary Case Study



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Course Links From the Modules and Class

Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium Standards
INTASC Standards

INSTASC Core and Subject Standards


National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

Bloom's Learning Domains

Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-11 Edition

Hemisphericity, Learning Modalities, Learning Styles, & Multiple intelligence

Multiple Intelligence Articles

Learning Styles Test

New Multiple Intelligence Inventory

Concept Maps

Visit this link for advice on how to do a concept map.

The Concept Mapping HomePage

This site is outdated but still has good information on concept maps.

Pennsylvania State Standards Web Site

Academic Benchmarks

Citing Electronic Resources

APA Style Templates for Word Processing 

Psych Web Resources

Central Michigan University: Student Teacher Portfolios

Instructional Design Models

Hobbes' Internet Timeline

Link to Learning Professional Development Web Site

Awesome Library Library Lesson Plans

Ask ERIC Lesson Plans

The Gateway

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators

Lesson Plans Search

National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers

PBS Online'sTeacherSource



What are Webquests?

Harry Wong

What is your teaching effectiveness?

Solutions for handling misbehaviors

Education World's Class Management Web Site

AskERIC Search Page

Harvey A. Andruss Library

The Center for Educational Reform

National Education Association

Pennsylvania Department of Education

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

Resources for Building a Unit




Teaching Strategies (English and Language Arts)

Glossary of Instructional Strategies

National Center for Educational Statistics

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Online Tools for Teachers

The following sites have the best tools for teachers that you will find on the Internet!

WWW for Teachers

You will see a list of 11 web tools for teachers on the right side of the page.

Online tools for Teachers

Teachology Web Tools
Scroll down to "Printable Page Builders"

Make rubrics online!  Excellent!

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Lesson Plan Resources on the Web

Awesome Library Library Lesson Plans

Ask ERIC Lesson Plans Lesson Plans Library

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators

Lesson Plans Search

PBS Online'sTeacherSource


The Gateway

The Teacher's Corner Lesson Plan and Unit Resources

A to Z Teacher Stuff Theme Pages for Units

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Free Home Pages for Teachers

Sites for Teachers

Teacher Created Materials



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Differentiated Instruction Links

"How to Differentiate Instruction in Mixed-Ability Classrooms" by Carol Tomlinson, 2nd Edition.,_2nd_edition.aspx

Gardner's Ninth Intelligence

Starting Up the Differentiated Classroom



Starting Up the Differentiated Classroom


Middle School



High School


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