Principles of Teaching
Bloomsburg University

What do believe and know about effective teaching?

Technique: Reflection (10-15 minutes)
By yourself, make a list of your thoughts on the following topics:

1. Your Personal Characteristics
What personality traits do you have that will help you become an effective teachers?

2. Your Life's Experiences
What experiences outside of the classroom have you had that will help you become an effective teacher?

3. Your Experiences as a Student
Reflect on your experiences as a student.  Think of your favorite teachers and favorite classes.  What teaching strategies and techniques were most impressive and influential on your learning?  Were these teacher-centered of student-centered activities?  What is your preference?

Save a copy of this list for your midterm portfolio.

Technique:  Think, Share, and Compare (10-15 minutes)
Next, share and compare your list with a partner.

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