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A guide to judging which piece of multimedia is right for you!

Evaluating Quality on the Net

A site offering advice on the evaluation of not only multimedia, but websites as well, Hope Tillman gives a thorough description and numerous resources to aid you in your search for evaluative advice.

Adobe Developer Connection
Quite possibly one of the best places EVER to learn about multimedia and its innumerable applications, Adobe Developer Connection offers a number of tutorials to gain new knowledge.

MultiMedia Mania
As part of the MidLink magazine homepage, this site compiles a good number of multimedia evaluative rubrics.  There's a good 
number of other links there, too. 

Multimedia Project Rubric
Creating a multimedia project that includes detailed information about a topic is the key to Educational Technology. This rubric scores projects based on the detail of a topic...remember that the name of the game is to help people learn more!

TEEM Home Page
TEEM is a response to teachers' desperate need for information about what works and why when they use multimedia in the classroom. Publishers and trained TEEM evaluators - all classroom teachers - have contributed information on current CD ROM based educational multimedia.


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