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Chapter 1


    Enrichment Activities


        Chapter 1.1   


The Educator’s Reference Desk


Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE)


Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM)


PBS TeacherSource


        Chapter 1.2


McRel- Compendium of Standards and Benchmarks




    Lesson Links


Course Management Software


The TEACH Act of 2001


Web Accessibility

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Chapter 2


    Enrichment Activities


        Chapter 2.1




        Chapter 2.2


Tom March


AT&T Knowledge Network Explorer


Project Approach in Early Childhood and Elementary Education


Project-Based Learning Checklists


Project-Based Learning with Multimedia


The Web Project


The Virtual Schoolhouse Problem-Based Learning

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Chapter 3


    Enrichment Activities


        Chapter 3.2




    Lesson Links


Internet Histories


Domain Name


World Wide Web Consortium


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Chapter 4


    Enrichment Activities


        Chapter 4.1


The KeyPals Club


Intercultural E-mail Classroom Connections


        Chapter 4.2


Ask an Expert


Electronic Emissary


        Chapter 4.3




        Chapter 4.4






    Lesson Links


E-mail Spam and Viruses: The Dark Side of E-mail



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Chapter 5


    Enrichment Activities


        Chapter 5.1


Department of Agriculture


Department of Commerce


Department of Defense


Department of Education


Department of Energy


Department of Health and Human Services


Department of Housing and Urban Development


Department of State


Department of Transportation


Department of the Treasury


Department of Veteran's Affairs


The White House


North Central R*TEC (NCR*TEC)


Northwest Educational Technology Consortium (NETC)


South Central R*TEC (SCR*TEC)


High Plains R*TEC (HPR*TEC)


G.R.I.T.S -- Great Resources for Integrating Technology in Schools


WestEd R*TEC


Techscape PBL & Design Center


        Chapter 5.2


World Wide Web Consortium


        Chapter 5.4


The Quality Information Checklist


The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


Information Quality


Joe Cool or Joe Fool


UC Berkeley Library: Evaluating Web Pages


UC Berkeley Library: Evaluating Web Pages PDF   


    Lesson Links


The Invisible Web


Children’s Internet Protection Act


Differentiated Classrooms

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Chapter 6


    Enrichment Activities


        Chapter 6.1




        Chapter 6.2


4Teachers: Home Page


    Lesson Links


Teacher’s Guide to Creating Classroom Web Pages


Browser Plug-ins

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Chapter 7


    Enrichment Activities


        Chapter 7.1


ClassWeb Tools


Rona's Ultimate Teacher Tools


Teach-nology's Rubric Generators




Rubric Builder




Scoring Guide for Student Products


        Chapter 7.2




    Chapter 7.3




Big6 Matrix


Big6 Elementary Assignment Organizer


St. Andrew's Library


Research Paper Organizer


Big6: Exemplary Schools PDF


SBC Knowledge Network Explorer


Big6 Resources


    Lesson Links


Electronic Portfolios

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Chapter 8


    Enrichment Activities


        Chapter 8.1


Webquest Portal


        Chapter 8.2


Webquest Taskonomy Cluster


WebQuest Taskonomy Page


        Chapter 8.3


WebQuest Design Patterns

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Chapter 9


   Enrichment Activities


        Chapter 9.1


Center for Inquiry-Based Learning


Inquiry and the National Science Education Standards


Inquiry and Problem Solving


Science Learning Network


The Inquiry Page


        Chapter 9.3


Kurtz-Fernhout Software


Garden with Insight


PlantStudio™ Botanical Illustration Software


The StoryHarp™ Audioventure Authoring System






Geometric Supposer


Interactive Physics




Net Frog


Digital Frog




    Lesson Links


Jerome Bruner and Discovery Learning



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Chapter 10


    Enrichment Activities


        Chapter 10.1




Global School House


NickNack's Telecollaborate


Global Classroom Projects


Quebec English Schools Project




Intercultural Email Classroom Connections




        Chapter 10.2


Tapped In


    Lesson Links



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