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Created August 29, 2005
Updated July 30, 2008


Highly recommended for schools!

Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms (Paperback)

What is a blog?
From WikiPedia

Blogger for Educators
From Google

Difference between a Wiki and a Blog
Compares Wikis and blogs

Number One Resource for Educators!

Blog Search
Searches Blogger


Wikispaces for Teachers

What is a WIKI? (notice that this site is a WIKI)

FAQ about Wikis

Wikis (this site is a supplement to a book that I used in past classes),11172,2580431-content,00.html

Wiki Tour

Wiki Space of the Month



Classroom Audio Podcasts



Find Podcasts

Subscribe to Podcasts

Listen to Podcasts

Create Podcasts


Copyright on the Internet
Useful information and links from the Franklin Pierce law Center

Copyright on the Internet
Useful information and links from the Ohio Literacy Resource Center

10 Myths about Copyright Explained!
An excellent discussion by the publisher of an electronic newspaper.

Online Tools for Teachers

Online Tools enable you to generate various products that promote student-centered learning activities in your classroom.  One such example would be that was given to you in the course project to make a rubric for the WebQuest.

SOME examples of online tools are:

KWL Charts
SQ3R Charts
Graphic Organizers
Word Searches

Discovery School Teaching Tools

Online Tools for Teachers

Online Tools for Teachers

Teachology Web Tools
Scroll down to "Printable Page Builders"

Tools for Teachers:

WWW for Teachers

Hot Hotlists

The following web sites have some of the best and most comnprehensive collection of links for teachers found on the web.

Web Resources
This excellent web site is associated with T.H.E. Journal site.

EduHound (Go to the link titled "Everything for Education K12")
This excellent web site is associated with T.H.E. Journal site.

Lesson and Unit Plan Resources on the Web

Awesome Library Library Lesson Plans

Ask ERIC Lesson Plans

Blue Web Library Lesson Plans Library

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators

Lesson Plans Search

Marco Polo

PBS Online'sTeacherSource


The Gateway

The Teacher's Corner Lesson Plan and Unit Resources

A to Z Teacher Stuff Theme Pages for Units


Academic research Using the Web
Research links from Santa Monica College>  Some good links. Resources for Research
Numerous research resources from Excellent!

Using the Web for Research
A short overview from 5 colleges in Ohio.  Dated but useful.

Harvey A. Andruss Library Databases Off-campus Access


The Educator's Reference Desk



Landmarks Citation Machine

University of Illinois Bibliography Styles Handbook

Electronic References Links

Teacherworld Web Page Design Links

Multimedia Rubric

Teacherworld Portfolio Resources

Considerations in Assembling a Portfolio for Interviews

Web Page Construction Resources

Graphic Resources

Graphic Resources from the Graphics Course

General Links

Resources for Your Web Site

FrontPage Review

How to Make Hyperlinks

How Folders Affect Hyperlinks

Q & A about Standards

Free version of ZoneAlarm

Reasons for Teaching


Making Backups in 1148

Rules for Teachers: 1872 and 1915

Traditional vs. New Learning Environments

Introduction to National Educational Technology Standards

Introduction to the standards

Educational Technology Standards and Performance Indicators for All Teachers

A list of standards

Profiles for Technology-Literate Teachers

A list of performance profiles

Curriculum and Content Area Standards

Internet Terms

Hobbes' Internet Timeline

How Internet Infrastructure Works

Domain Name Registries Around the World

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

New Top Level Domains

Internic Q & A



Standards Links

The Art and Science of Searching for Information on the Internet

The Science of Web Page Construction

The Art of Web Page Construction

Rules for Saving and Naming Web Pages and Graphic Files

How to Make a Back-up in 1148

Troubleshooting Your Web Page

Web Addresses

Free Download for FTP and How to Use FTP

Graphic File Formats

Hitman Browser Use Statistics

Animation Factory

Getting Started with HTML

10 Steps to Creating a School Web Site

HTML Editors

Netscape Communicator Download

Dreamweaver Download

Possible Résumé Categories

Webmonkey Browser Chart

Browser Lists

BrowserWatch Stats Station


Virginia Department of Education

Internet Safety

Why is filtering software controversial?

National Educational Technology Standards for Students

T.H.E. Journal

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