Internet for Teachers Online


Course # 60522-39
3 Credit Hours
Summer 2006
Dr. Pastore
loomsburg University

Created On July 10, 2006


What is the "Internet for Teachers" Online?

"Internet for Teachers" Online is an accredited graduate course offered at Bloomsburg University. The course can be used for graduate credit towards a Master's degree (please note that this is not true for all graduate or inservice courses offered by other universities).

"Internet for Teachers" Online is offered ONLINE and will incorporate classroom activities through web pages. Communication will be through the class web site and email.  Students are also welcome to call me for any problems.  The class consists of 10 web classes and one project. Since the "Internet for Teachers" Online course does not meet at any specific time, students access the class web pages and complete assignments at their own convenience.  Of course, participants must have access to the Web.  "Internet for Teachers" is also offered on campus each semester.


How can I decide if this course is right for ME?

This depends on your learning style, NOT on your schedule.

You should not make a decision to take an ONLINE course solely because it is convenient and you could complete it at home.


Who is the difference between the online course and the campus course?

Both courses focus on the same topics, however, students taking the campus course buy their own domain and put all of their work on the web.  This is not done in the online course because of limited access to software.



Who is teaching the course?

The instructor of the course is Dr. Raymond Pastore, a Professor of Education in the Department of Educational Studies and Secondary Education at Bloomsburg University.  He has designed and authored the course and has taught graduate courses at Bloomsburg University for the past eleven years.  He was the first person at Bloomsburg University and in the state system to offer a 100% online course.


How will this course be implemented?

The course will consist of two primary activities: web classes and a course project.

Web Classes -  2 classes will be posted on a weekly basis. You can access these classes at any time and complete the assignments at your own pace.

Course Project - will be a long-term project.  The information will be posted during the first week of the course.


When will assignments be due? What format will they have to be in? How will we get them to you?

All assignments will be due at the end of the semester. Assignments will be required in hard copy form (printed). Students can mail the assignments or drop them off at the University.


How will the course be graded?

This is a competency-based course. Final grade will be calculated on the total number of points from the assignments. There will be no tests.   The final will be the course project.


How will ONLINE students communicate with you?

Communication will primarily be through the web site and email.  Students are also welcome to call Dr. Pastore or meet with him at the campus.


What is taught in the course?

Following are SOME of the topics addressed in this course:



Are computers available for students who are enrolled in the ONLINE course?

No, computer labs will NOT be reserved at the Bloomsburg Campus, however, if computer access is a problem, the MCHS 1148 lab is available.  If you are interested in using the lab, contact Dr. Pastore.


What hardware and software do I need for the ONLINE course?

No particular hardware or software is needed.


Do I need my own email account?

You need your own email account in YOUR name, not your parents' name, spouse's name, or fictitious name.  When you send me an email, your name should appear in the header, not a fictitious name or another person's name. 


How do I enroll in the course?

If you are a graduate student at Bloomsburg University, you can enroll online.  If you are not a Bloomsburg graduate student and interested in enrolling in these courses, contact Carol Arnold at the graduate office at 570-389-4015 or   For more information, you may also visit this link: Enrollment Procedures


Is a book required for the course?

Yes, we will be using the following book:

The Bloomsburg University Book Store is selling this book for $26.95.  You can buy a copy at the store but if you want to order online, visit their site.  Shipping is $8.00 and there is no tax. 


After I enroll in the ONLINE course, how do I get started?

You should send an email to:
Your message will be returned with the address of the class web site. The class web site will not be accessible by the general public and should only be read and used by students enrolled in this course.


What is the cost of the course?

For information about fees, visit the or call 570-389-4013.


Raymond S. Pastore, Ph.D.
Professor of Education
1148 McCormick Center
Bloomsburg University
Bloomsburg, PA 17815-1301