How to Use FTP
For Dr. Pastore's Classes
Note:  Download a free copy of the WS FTP program we use in the lab

Directions for:
Adding Folders
FTP through your Browser
ICDSoft Control Panel (For Grad Students who bought a domain)


To use the FTP program on the Lab Computers...
Note: this is the same version as the download above 


STEP 1: Open FTP and click on the "connect" button.

Once you do this, you will see the following screen:

Type in the following information and click on "OK" if they are not the default options:

Profile Name:

Host Name/Address:

A window will pop up asking for your user ID. Use your Bloom U email ID and click "OK"
Next, enter your password and click "OK" again.


After you connect, you will see two windows.

The LEFT window represents your computer!

The RIGHT window represents the server!

STEP 2: Transfer your file!

In the LEFT window:


Some Words of Advice

When you send a file to the server, it replaces the existing file on the server.  You will never get a message asking you if you want to replace the file.  Be sure that you you do not need to have a copy of the file on the server before replacing it.

If you double click on the files in the right window or click on the left arrow with files highlighted in the right window, they will replace the files on your disk.  In this case, you may be replacing revised files with old files (I don't think that you want to do this).  If you are using a different computer from the one you normally use or are not on campus, this method could be useful to grab the files from your website to work on them.

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Adding Folders to your Site using WS FTP:


In order to create a new folder on your website click on the second option from the top on the far right side called "MkDir"
This is short for "Make Directory," which is another word for folder.  A new window will pop up asking for you to enter a "remote folder name," type in the desired name of that folder and click "OK."

In order to send files to folders within your website, you must first double click on that folder in the right-side window.  This will open up the folder and only show its contents (hence why you cannot see the other files on your site).  From here, you can send the desired files from your computer to that specific folder.  When you are done, navigate back to your main site by double clicking on the green back arrow at the very top of the right-side window (highlighted below). 

If you do not click that arrow, you will be sending all your files to that specific folder, leaving you to sit dumbfounded later, wondering where your updated pages are.  Please don't forget that last step!

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To use the FTP through your Browser...


STEP 1: Log In

If you have a Bloomsburg mail account and want to log in to FTP using your web browser, type in ftp:// followed by your webpage name, for example:

If you have your own domain and you want to log in to FTP through your web browser, type in ftp. followed by your website name, for example:

A new window will pop up asking for your User Name and Password. Enter your given User Name and Password and click "Log On" This will open up a folder that looks very much like your "My Computer" window that shows all the folders and files on your site as thumbnails.


STEP 2: Click and Drag

Using this method of FTP, you can drag and drop files and folders onto your site. To do this, you will first have to shrink down the size of your FTP window and drag it to the right side of your screen.  Next, open up "My Computer" by either clicking on the desktop icon or opening your Start Menu from the taskbar.  You will also need to shrink this window a bit so that it can go side-by-side with your FTP window.  Your screen should look something like this:

This set-up is very similar to what you saw in your FTP program.  The left side has all the files on your computer, the right has all the files on your website.  Navigate through the files and folders on your computer using the left-side window, then when you find the desired file click and hold your mouse over it, then drag it into the right-side window and drop it off on your website.  If you want the file to go in a specific folder on your site, drag it over top of that folder until the folder icon is highlighted, then release the mouse button.

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To send files to your site using the ICDSoft Control Panel...
Note: This is for students who have bought their own domain, these directions will not work with the MyWeb Bloom U accounts


STEP 1: Log In

Log in to your Control panel by entering your website name followed by "/cp" for example: http://yoursitehere/cp
Enter your ICDSoft User Name and Password and click the "Login" button.


STEP 2: File Manager

Click on "File Manager," which is the third button on the top row. This will take you to a page with all the files on your website. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and you will see the options to upload files, create directories, and rename existing files and directories

If you click on the Browse button, it will bring up a new window that will allow you to navigate through your computer's directories and choose which file to send. Double click on the file to upload it, then hit the "Upload" button on the far right.  If you want to create a new folder, type the name of the desired folder in the "Create Directory:" bar and click the "Create Dir" button on the far right.

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