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Activities Using Graphics with Children:

1.    Students can create posters to draw attention to special events, books being read, directions, activities the kids are doing in school.

2.    Students can work in power point for various topics/reports, they can include photos that students have taken, photos off the net, and graphics as they relate to the topic.

3.    Students can create stationary for personal use - greeting cards, thank you notes, invitations, special notes.

4.    Students can make bookmarks, awards, flyers.

5.    Students can create gifts with photos taken or graphics from the net, paste on wood or various other products and varnish over them. 

6.    Students can make a photo album or memory book including pictures of special class events, field trips, use as a gift for classmates that leave or are out ill.

7.    Students can create board games, card games, dice games etc. using various graphics or pictures.( Make subject presentations more interesting - math games, book talks, etc.)

There are endless amount of ideas.