Thor Edmiston


Websites with Graphics:

Go Graph


Flaming Text




Prodraw Graphics




Cool Graphics


Bells N Whistles


Bimsan Free Web Graphics


Animation Library


Clipart Kingdom


5 activities using graphics with children in the Art Room

1. Create a report on a given artist using graphics from the web used to enhance the report.

2. Create an art show using graphics of a certain style of art. For example, Post-Impressionism. The students will place various works of this style into a power point presentation, or a Word document.

3. Create a digital art show for each student. Have them take pictures of their projects throughout the year         and place the pictures into a power point presentation.

4. Use the digital camera as an art lesson. Proper use, what it can do, etc...

5. Use digital pictures to teach various aspects of art. For example, perspective. Use pictures of train tracks to teach one point perspective, or have the students use the camera to find examples on their own.