Computer Basics Activity Sheet
For Dr. Pastore's Classes

Following is a list of tasks to help you master basic computer skills that will make your everyday computer use more efficient. Use the computer or a search engine to help you answer these questions.

1. What are the hot keys or keyboard commands for the following commands? (A hot key is a combination of two or more buttons that have a specific function when pushed together) 



2. What does the hot key combination control-alt-delete do?

3. When Internet Explorer is open, what function command occurs when you push the F11 button?

4. How do you eject a flash drive properly?

5. What drive letter is your flash drive?

6. What two areas are your documents folder located?

7. How do you select more than one file or folder in between a list of files or folders?

8. How do you select specific files or folders in between a list of files or folders?

9.  How do you create a folder?

10.  How do you rename a file or folder?

11.  How do you take a screen shot?

12.  How do you take a window shot?

13. What is "Snippet" and how to you get to it?

14.  When do you use file/save and when do you use file/save as?

16.  What does the F1 key do?


17. How would you access your files from home via the web?


18. What are the keyboard commands for expanding and shrinking your browser window?


19. Identify each of the drives on your computer and what type of files are stored on the drive (click on "computer").




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