Enrollment Procedures for Graduate Courses at Bloomsburg University


If you are not a Bloomsburg graduate student and interested in enrolling in these courses, contact Carol Arnold at the graduate office at 570-389-4015 or carnold@bloomu.edu 

Please read this information first:

For the off-campus and web based courses...
First time students - You must complete an adjunct application (get this from the Graduate Office) and submit either a copy of your teaching certificate or an official transcript (unless you were a BU undergraduate student (in which case the graduate office will get your transcript).  You will also need some proof of an undergraduate degree and will need to fill out a scheduling form.

For courses offered on campus:
First time students - You must complete a regular graduate school application (available on line or they can send one) and pay the $30 application fee.  Non-BU students must submit an official undergraduate transcript.  Everyone must fill out a scheduling form and submit it to the Graduate Office.

For Continuing Education students: You must complete a scheduling form and submit it to the Graduate Office.

Keep in mind that without an application and proof of a degree, the Graduate Office cannot put your name on the computer and you cannot be scheduled.  Therefore, the Graduate Office must have all this information ASAP before the class starts.  


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