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Blog, Wiki, and Podcast Assignment

For Dr. Pastore's Classes

This assignment is worth a total of 100 points. 25 points will be given for the overall page design and 25 points for each of the sections. Please note that this page is a checklist that you will print and turn in when the project is due.


Page Design

  1. Create a new web page saved as bwp.html
  2. Title your page "Web Tools: Blogs, Wikis, & Podcasts" in both the page title and at the top of your page.
  3. Insert a graphic that reflects some type of computer technology.
  4. Insert a graphic background that does not conflict with your text.
  5. Set your page properties for font type, font size, and font color.
  6. Put a return link to your home page at the bottom of the page.
  7. Make a link from your home page to your bwp.html page. The link on your home page should be My Web 2.0 Tools: Blogs, Wikis, & Podcasts


Overall Page Content

  1. Create a blog, wiki, and podcast. You will find directions on the links below.
  2. Create 3 sections on your web page. The first section should be titled "Blog". The second section should be titled "Wiki". The third section should be titled "Podcast". The sections should be separated by some type of divider.
  3. Use targets and anchors to link to your sections.


Section Content

For EACH section, do the following:

  1. Define the web tool (blog, wiki, or podcast)
  2. Create a list of ways in which the web tool could be used in your classroom (minimum of 5 different ways).
  3. Create a link to your web tool with an introduction (FIVE sentences or more) as to what the viewer is about to see.

4. Copy and paste the web site resource links from each tool into your Delicious account. Your tag should be blogs for the blog, wikis for the wiki, and podcasts for the podcast. Make a link to each Delicious tag. Your links will be:

  • name/blogs for the blog section
  • name/wikis for the wiki section
  • name/podcasts for the podcast section


Directions for the BLOG

Directions for the WIKI

Directions for the PODCAST


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